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About Fariha

About Fariha

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Fariha is an artist and global nomad currently residing in Columbus, Ohio by way of Houston, Texas. As writer, educator, and photographer, she is known for her badassery as a social justice activist. In this way, Fariha remains committed to resistance by storytelling through her writing and photography. 

With a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing from the U. Houston, Fariha has received awards for her written work, and continues to perform poetry including winning first place at a university poetry slam. She is currently working on a full length manuscript about our universal struggles, in which Fariha documents the various struggles facing individuals and society as a whole.

These days she is also inspired by the late champion of social change, Muhammad Ali. In his honor, she is working a documentary photography project 'I too am America,' exploring the unique interests and talents of young men of color in her local community.  No matter the project, her purpose remains fiercely loyal to representing the unheard voices by utilizing art as a vehicle for social progress.

In her adult-ish life, Fariha has developed fluency in four languages through studying and living abroad, teaching English, and continuously exploring the global landscape to further understand the human condition. As a daughter of south Asian immigrants, she has traveled to over 14 countries in both her childhood and adulthood and has a long list of international dwellings. Despite her nomadic tendencies, Fariha chooses to remain dedicated to her local community of residence, through serving youth, formerly incarcerated,  homeless, and new American community.

You can find Fariha wrapped up in deep thought at a fair-trade coffee shop or surrounded by incredible people. When not working on her craft or community activism she also spends time reading poetry, meditating outdoors, renewing her faith, or planning her next adventure.